hupp_bridge (hupp_bridge) wrote,

Cенсация! Норберто Бокки увлекся бридждыбром.

Вот его первый опус, переводить мне лень, я специально проверил, неплохо справился с текстом.

Не зря говорят, дурной пример заразителен.
Выделю дыбр про Кубок Славы.

Slava Memorial Cup 2012. This tournament involved quite a few mediocre teams this year. Nothing wrong with the success of the winner (Monaco) though and I certainly want to mention Fantoni and Nunes, a pair which played very well. Apart from Zimmermann's team, there were many champions such as Lauria, Versace, Gromov, Dubinin, and others, but most of them were playing with their sponsors, and almost all teams were four handed. The only real team was Zimmermann (Monaco), and the only other team which could have been competitive, at least on paper, was Israel. That team had one solid partnership Pachtman-Ginossar. However its teammates were Herbst and Barel, and they are not a regular partnership. In order to win in high-level competition it is important to have established partnerships. I think the Russians needs to change a few things such as invitations, prizes, and dates, if they want to organize a top-level competition.

P.S. Так себе маэстро в вопросе разбирается, Зака с Барелем перепутал.

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